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Quantum Leap Sales offers semiconductor and systems design companies silicon proven IP solutions that can be customized to desired specifications.  With an average of 25 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, we can be relied upon to offer valued support for your projects.  We look forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your project requirements.


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Quantum Leap Sales Named Top 20 IP Design & Solution Provider.   Read More...

Quantum Leap Sales offers unique tools unavailable from larger software companies that shorten time to market and engineering resources of today's complex SOC and mixed signal designs.  Our software solutions offer significant benefits to design verification, simulation and implementation flows.   Find a list of our software offerings by clicking here.

Our IP solutions can be customized to get you just the right technical implementation to meet your specifications with our silicon proven ADCs, DACs, VGAs, PLLs and other power management and data converter solutions for IOT applications. Find MCU and embedded controller applications with highest performance and lowest power for your application. We also offer hard to find IP including silicon proven 10/100 Ethernet PHYs and automotive qualified 100 base T1 Ethernet PHYs. See our IP offerings by clicking here.

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Press Release: QLS Partners with FLEX-LOGIX

Flex Logix Partners with Quantum Leap Technical Sales To Meet Strong Demand for EFLX Embedded FPGA Throughout North America

IEEE Electronic Design Process Symposium, October 3-4
ARM Techcon Oct 9-10
San Jose
RISC-V Conference, Oct 15
Santa Clara
RISC-V Summit Dec 2019
Santa Clara